Can 3tags Compete with tsu?

I am ready to stop using, or at least mostly stop using digital sharecropping content silos. Both 3tags and tsu are alternatives to some of the larger social media sites currently in existence. and are two websites that have revenue sharing, this is one of the most significant differences between these two sites and most other social media sites in existence. Can both 3tags and tsu experience sustainable growth? Probably.

I wish that both tsu and 3tags could have more capability of sorting most like and shared posts within a certain time period, sort of like how Reddit allows a great amount of sorting and variation in the way content is displayed, based on up-votes and so forth.

It is time that individuals stop being willing to financially enrich the pockets of owners and investors of sites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and so forth, when not enough is provided in return. Websites which treat all stakeholders with respect and consideration deserve attention, not ones that only value the needs and desires of investors.

I currently see 3tags as being more of a Reddit alternative than tsu, and tsu being more of a Facebook or Twitter alternative than 3tags. So perhaps 3tags and tsu can grow along side one another. Perhaps tsu will be 3tags or vice versa.

If the current size of Facebook is an indicator, there is more of a market for a Facebook alternative than a Reddit alternative. Recently, it has seemed to me that Facebook with some subtle new features has started to seem quite a bit more like Reddit. The reverse does not seem true though.

Hopefully both tsu and 3tags can steadily grow along side one another, and then eventually either somehow merge in a mutually beneficial way, or else successfully different enough from one another to be maintain steady growth over the long term.

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