3tags and tsu Evolve and Grow

3tags and tsu are interesting websites. Seeing how our Internet has evolved here on Earth and around Earth has been quite interesting.

What I have noticed over the years is that social media sites are becoming more and more like one another. Facebook interface seems (at least to me) to becoming more like Twitter and vice versa.

Reddit is an interesting social platform. Twitter and Facebook have the potential to become somewhat more like Reddit, and they have a bit in certain ways.

3tags.org and tsu.co are interesting. Both have the potential to revolutionize Internet social media. They have the potential to replace Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Vine, and/or so forth, all will providing a valuable platform to humanity. Both 3tags and tsu plan to share most profit with content creators, rather than keep it for stock holders or owners like most social media sites and companies do.

Content creators deserve a portion of any significant monetization of their content. If a company is able to generate a billion dollars in revenue from one hundred million content creators publishing on their site, those content creators deserve some of that money. I write that from an ethical, philosophical, and moral viewpoint. If a business can someone trick or stealthily earn money from content creators, then that is not right.

Revenue sharing may be key to creating the next large social networking/media site. Whichever social media site implements revenue sharing best might do to Facebook and Twitter what Facebook did to MySpace in the past. 3tags and tsu have the potential to be ethical businesses that provide a wonderful service to humanity will compensating all stakeholders fairly and justly. I hope that tsu and 3tags both keep growing and evolving.

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